About Helen Bair

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“I love what I do! I get to help clients get rid of painful/traumatic memories, emotions, addictions and much, MUCH more. What can be better than that?! Being an SRT facilitator is one of the greatest joys of my life, right up there with being married to Dr. Bair, being a mom and a GRANDMA.”                          ~Helen Peterson-Bair



Apx. 25 years in private practice

Codependency love addiction recovery since 1985

Narcissistic abuse survivor and thrivor 

1995 - Primary counselor for Harbor Lights (Salvation Army) alcohol and drug treatment center

1993 - Charter hospital and Desert vista behavioral health tech

Wife, mom and grandma of 31 grandchildren


Two Masters Degrees in Counseling: Ottawa University, Phx.

Bachelors in Psychology: Ottawa University, Phx.

AA Degree in Psychology:  Mesa Community College

Chemical Dependency Counseling Degree:  Rio Salado college


Clinical Hypnotherapy

NLP and Time Line Therapy ® 


Rapid Eye Technology

Metaphoric Therapy (David J. Grove)

Parts Integration                                     

Ministerial Counseling


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