About Helen Bair

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“I love what I do! I get to help clients resolve painful/traumatic memories, emotions, addictions and much more. Being an SRT facilitator is one of the greatest joys of my life, right up there with being married to Dr. Bair, being a mom and a GRANDMA.”  ~Helen Peterson-Bair



Apx. 27 years in private practice

Codependency love addiction recovery since 1985

Narcissistic abuse survivor and thrivor 

1995 - Primary counselor for Harbor Lights (Salvation Army) alcohol and drug treatment center

1993 - Charter hospital and Desert vista behavioral health tech

Wife, mom and grandma of 32 grandchildren


Two Masters Degrees in Counseling: Ottawa University, Phx.

Bachelors in Psychology: Ottawa University, Phx.

AA Degree in Psychology:  Mesa Community College

Chemical Dependency Counseling Degree:  Rio Salado college


Clinical Hypnotherapy

NLP and Time Line Therapy ® 


Rapid Eye Technology

Metaphoric Therapy (David J. Grove)

Parts Integration                                     

Ministerial Counseling


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