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Supplimentary material for Codependency Recovery

Chapter 1: How did I lose ME?    

Definitions of Codependency

What causes Codependency

Characteristics of a Codependent

What is ABUSE 

Trauma Symptoms                                                                                       

Goals of recovery                                                     

Paradox of Recovery


12-steps of Codependents Anonymous                                                                                                                        

Chapter 2: Boundaries—Your first line of defense in self-care

Different kinds of Boundaries

Unhealthy or NO Boundaries

Chapter 3: Assertiveness—Non-abusive conflict resolution

Aggressive, Passive, Passive-aggressive, Assertive

Assertive Boundary Setting—Non-abusive conflict resolution

Right and wrong times to confront 

Chapter 4: Thinking and Feelings-Your greatest source of Personal Power

Thoughts on Thinking


Stinkin’ Thinkin’

All about Feelings

Appropriate expression of Feelings

Anger and Rage

Carried Feelings

Quotes about Feelings

The Difference Between Shame and Guilt

Chapter 5: Self-Esteem—How do I love me?

Chapter 6: God—When I lost myself in YOU, I found ME

Chapter 7: Peace and Serenity—Attemt to control only that which you have conrol over

Chapter 8: Family Systems—Breeding ground External Dependency

Chapter 9: Relationships—How to build non-codependent relationships

Chapter 10: Parenting—Nonabusive parenting tools

Blog on the Subconscious Mind

The Subconscious mind—A curious thing

Dark & mysterious subconscious mind: Truth or Lie

The opposite roles of the conscious & subconscious mind