The Subconscious Mind—A curious thing

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Yesterday I was struggling with a technical issue with this website. I tried to avoid bothering my tech guy, but finally left him an email that I needed his help.

Last night, as I was about to go to sleep, the answer to my dilemma popped right into my head. I intuitively knew how to fix the problem. 

This is so typical of the subconscious mind and how it works. The subconscious is an intelligence that is far smarter than our brains. It is creative and powerful. As long as the conscious mind is busy taking up all the mind space, this brilliant inner intelligence has to take a back seat. When we finally quite our brain so it can get a word in edgewise, the answer, inspiration or solution we’ve been looking for will often just pop into our heads at the most unlikely times.

One time I was asked to speak at a writers conference about the subconscious mind. I found it very interesting to listen the writers tell how they often got their ideas. Their stories were quite like the one i just told you, only instead of trying to figure out a technical issue, they are looking for inspiration for their stories. Some said they would find themselves trying hard to come up with something and nothing would come. So they would just leave their project and go do something else—distract themselves. Then at the most unlikely times, the ideas would just POP into their heads….while brushing their teeth, taking a shower or drifting off to go to sleep, etc. 

When the conscious mind gets itself out of the way, you have access to the rich resources of the subconscious mind, which knows much more than your brain. This is why we are encouraged to MEDITATE and pray. Meditation slows down you thinker and gets it out of the way so the subconscious part of your mind—your spiritual dimension—can reveal its inspiration.

So, if that’s what it can do for me when I don’t ask, what can my subconscious do for me when I do? This is why SRT is so powerful and unique. Not only does it tap into this highly intelligent part of you that lives in the SC mind, but because it is your spiritual dimension, it is also the place you can best connect with God. But that’s not all. It contains a memory of everything you’ve ever lived including the life events & ages you can’t remember. It has the mind computer, which can retrieve lost memories and bring them to your conscious awareness. With all those resources, right at your disposal, why would you want to try any other modality? The most powerful healers available are in you and at your disposal, if you’ll acknowledge that, listen & ask for their help.

I’m always amazed when people perceive the subconscious mind as some kind of dark, devilish place. The reality is, it is brilliant! The goal is, to shoo out and dark or negative energy you’ve accumulated over the years, and replace it with light and love.