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Results may vary by individual, however these responses are typical

“It was like magic” (one session)

~D Beck, Peoria, AZ

“I haven’t had any nightmares or flashbacks and I haven’t wanted to cut (skin), purge or starve myself, (and this is) after only 3 sessions!”

~Lisa M. Depart, Mesa, AZ

"I have struggled with (skin) cutting for eight years and after one session of SRT, it's been almost two years now with no relapse. I would recommend this to anyone!” 

~Mesa, AZ 2015

"I struggled on and off for more than 13 years with an addiction to pornography. Not only did I struggle with pornography but I also struggled with a lot of self esteem issues. The two hour session we went (through) together gave me the confidence and the ability to be freed from my weakness and from being so hard on myself. I have been clean from pornography for over five months and sticking strong.”

A male - Mesa, AZ 

I got this text after one session...”I really noticed my eating habits have drastically changed. I’m hardly hungry. I get full fast and everything I love to eat doesn’t taste as good anymore.” ~Mesa, AZ

 “I’ve tried so many forms of counseling to overcome my abusive history. One session with (SRT) was all it took. It was absolutely transformational. I left the session feeling 20 pounds lighter. It was like I was floating out the door...really!

~Tami Cretchlow, Mesa, AZ

“Thank you for working with XXXXXXX (who is a 12-year old boy). He is so much nicer, happier and loving. He is talking positive, doesn’t seem to get angry and has hope in all things. I’m sure he will want to visit you again. But, what ever you did......gave him hope in his life. ...I recommend you all the time. Your services work fast, you can see a difference after the first (session). Unlike the slow process of seeing a counselor once a week and struggling and having them help you come to your own conclusions and keep the same problems longer.  (SRT is) amazing!”  ~A grateful grandparent, Mesa, AZ

“I have really felt freed since working with you. I really feel like this therapy can be the relief to so many things.”

~Capell, Meridian, Idaho

“This work has had a very positive impact on my life. It’s so subtle and yet powerful. Thank you for being a compassionate facilitator.”

Trisha B., Desert Hills, AZ

”I felt really strange ... afterward. I felt like I had gone through a major change but not enough time had gone by for that big a change. It was like I had experienced a change in myself that should have taken weeks. (It was) like I was returning home after a great vacation. The 2 hours has produced a huge change for the better....What you have found (through this) therapy is like a key in the lock. You have found the way in.”  

~~R.C., Gold Canyon, AZ 

"Where do I start? The therapy that Helen Bair introduced to me (SRT) changed my life. After being diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I worried that the only solution would be heavy medication and counseling for the rest of my life. As a young girl that did not fit my “ideal” for life. This is when I was referred to (SRT). Through her seminars and 4-5 therapy sessions, my entire perception on life changed. I love myself now; I see the world through a new set of eyes. My depression and anxiety are gone and my relationships have gone from non-existent to thriving.” 

~ Kendra C., Mesa, AZ

"...My life is what I have always wanted. I cope better, I live a happier, fuller life, and quite frankly, I love having sex.  That is a miracle in its self.  ...(my husband) thanks you too!  (SRT)... changed my life.  Thank you   

~B. P., Glendale, AZ 

“For 11 years I struggled with substance abuse and pornography addiction.  I have gone to many counselors and rehabilitation centers and still struggled.  After 6-8 hours with (SRT), I am free of the addictions and for the first time feel completely whole.  It is a literal miracle.                    ~David, Mesa, AZ 

“I was going through a very difficult time in my life and was suffering with grief and depression.  After only 2 sessions with (SRT) I felt 100% better.  I was able to face my issues, let go of deep seeded anger and hurt, and move on with my life.  Thank you Helen for the positive experience”. 

-Sherri, Mesa, AZ

“I struggled with sexual acting out with members of the same sex for years after being molested multiple times as a young child.  After (Subconscious Reprogramming Therapy - SRT) my compulsive behaviors  have completely stopped!  I have control and discipline over myself now and since July 24th, 2006. I have the peace now I was looking for!!!”                  -Grant A., Phoenix, AZ

"(Subconscious Reprogramming Therapy - SRT) is offering ground breaking modalities of healing for mental health and so much more. (The SRT video is) cutting edge and comprehensive to the care that will be taken when in session with her.....Just a 2 hour session clears up more than most therapist do in years time. Superb work.”                                                  ~J.L. Anderson, Gilbert, AZ

“Why go through years of therapy when you can get it done faster?  I went to mainstream therapy for 15 years.  After one, 2-hour session with Helen, I cleared my inner child from years of blocked trauma.  If I would have done my work with Helen from the beginning, it probably would have only taken me three, 2-hour sessions”.                                                                      ~Fran S., Phoenix, AZ

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Results vary but most report speedy, astounding results!