Conditions  SRT  may help

Cravings: Psychosomatic induced cravings

Blocks to: Performance - (sports, public speaking, dance, etc.), competition, sex, test-taking, happiness, peace, reaching your potential, success, and more.

Emotional pain: Grief, lonely, fears/phobias/anxiety, anger/resentment, sadness, toxic guilt & shame, etc

The root-cause of addictions/compulsions/habits: Smoking, mind-altering substances, nail bitting, caffeine, etc...

Unwanted urges & attractions: Inappropriate or unwanted sexual urges or attractions, compulsive spending, shoplifting, rage, etc... 

Traumatic memory: Accidents, losses, combat, abuse, etc.


Low self-esteem:  Victim, martyer, not good enough, shame, codependency, etc.

Psycho-somatic caused health issues: Headaches, body aches/pains and other health issues caused by mind/emotions.

Relationships: Unhealed memories negatively interfering with relationships today.  

Internal tug-of-war: You against you—sabotaging your own success, fighting against getting what you want the most, interfering with attaining your own dreams and goals.

Toxic belief systems: Example:  “I’m NOT good enough,” “I can never have what I want,” “No one cares about me.”

...and much, MUCH more!        

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