Gently Release Pain From Memories, Emotions & More

SRT - Subconscious Repairing Therapy

Getting Started

Discover why SRT is so effective in resolving troubling memories, emotions and internal restrictions in a fast and easy way.

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SRT Introductory Videos

How does SRT work? Why is it so effective in putting your PAST in the PAST? Our short introductory videos will give you answers that will help you decide if SRT is right for you.

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About Helen Bair MAPC

Helen Bair will be your guide through a new and exciting healing session. Hundreds of her clients, just like you, have benefited from her extensive experience in counseling and modalities of self help and healing.

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More Resources

Love and Life Skills for Healing the Relationships with Yourself and Others.

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Two affirming parenting tools to support you in raising healthy kids. Enjoy!

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Learn a modified version of SRT to use on yourself and friends

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