Introductory SRT Videos?

When will power, medication or counseling haven’t produced desired results, many have turned to SRT and found relief.

SRT taps into your subconscious mind to locate troubling memories and emotions that cause current symptoms. And, an image of your Higher Power/God interjected into the memories & emotions, spontaneously heals them.

For best results, adults need to watch all four videos before beginning SRT. Teens may only need to watch the first video and children don’t need to watch any at all because to some degree, they still live in their subconscious minds.

Video 1:  SRT – Subconscious Repairing Therapy

9 minutes

Video 2: Two Parts of the Mind

9 minutes

Video 3: Communication between the 2 parts of your mind

Video 4: Defense Mechanisms 

7 minutes

Click here for a list of Possible Defense Mechanisms

Results vary and none can be guarenteed, but most report astounding results in a short amount of time