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Cognitive-behavioral therapies can be very helpful but can only address conscious mind caused issues (such as bad thinking habits). However, if the cause  is rooted in the subconscious mind, cognitive tools may fall short.  

Why does SRT work so fast?

Working in the subconscious mind allows you to easily locate troublesome memories, emotions and belief systems that are causing your current symptoms, and bring quick resolution.  

How can SRT be so non-invasive?

SRT can easily unearth unresolved memories or toxic emotions & belief systems that are causing your current symptoms. Then introducing your perception of God / Higher Power into the healing process.

If your symptoms are caused by life experiences you can’t remember, your subconscious will reveal their whereabouts through feelings, body sensations, or some other sensory indicator, without having to relive the memories. 

If that sounds too simple to be true, you’ll just have to try it to believe it.

Can a child do SRT?

When children are capable of understanding language and can communicate clearly, they are usually capable of doing SRT.

Children are much less complicated than adults, so they are the easiest to work with. They live in their subconscious minds to some degree, so they need little or no pre-coaching of how to do SRT.

Normally, a session with a young child will only last a half hour. An older child or teenager may be an hour.

Childhood is the best time to resolve painful life issues so as not carry them into adulthood.

Is SRT permanent?

Usually, however, there may be conditions that temporarially interfere with a complete resolution. If you experience relief for a while and then suddenly symptoms return, instead of thinking “It didn’t work!” change your thoughts to, “There’s more work to be done.” 

You’ll know you’re finished when your symptom is gone and stays gone permanently. Sometimes it requires a period of time to make sure that is the case.

If I have resolved an issue with SRT but later decide I want to return to my old ways, can I?

Of course! God will never take away your free agency. Your ability to choose reigns supreme. SRT is only a tool to help you meet your goals if you so choose.

What if a family member or friend could really benefit from SRT but they resist?

Don’t waste your time, energy or money trying to get someone to do SRT if they don’t want to do. Simply invite them to look over this website and then drop the subject. You cannot help ANYONE who doesn’t want to be helped. 

If you find it too difficult to take that position, consider doing your own work with SRT on your own codependency issues.

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