Love and Life Skills

In this ‘Love and Life Skills’ series, I am sharing the tools I learned many years ago that brought me from pain to peace. I have tried to give credit where credit is due, but unfortunately, I can’t remember the source of many of these pearls I share on these videos. I have it in my head and a pile of papers I collected through the years. If anyone can prove parts of this as your intellectual or creative property, I will gladly give you the credit. Personally, I give all the credit to God because He brought it to me at a critical time, which saved my life and my sanity. Helen Peterson Bair, MAPC

How did I lose Self-Value?

Supplementary Materials For ‘How Did I Lose Self Value?’

ABUSE: What Is It?

Trauma Symptoms

Typical Characteristics for Victims and Abusers

Signs of Externally-Centered People (The consequences of having been abused.)

Boundaries: Your First Line of Defense in Self-Care. If you want to protect yourself from abuse, you have to have good Boundaries.

Supplementary Materials for ‘Boundaries’

Bill of Rights and Power Positions

Supplementary Material for ‘Your Personal Bill of Rights—Who has the Power?

Assertive Training

Supplementary Material for Assertive Training

Assertive Confrontation—Peaceful Conflict Resolution

Supplementary Material for Assertive Confrontation

Letting go—The Pathway to Serenity and Peace

Supplementary Material for ‘Letting Go—The pathway to Serenity and Peace’

Thinking—Your Personal Power

Supplemental Material for ‘Thinking’

Feelings—Your Personal Feedback

Supplemental Material for ‘Feelings’

Self Esteem—How Do I Love Me?

Supplemental Material for ‘Self Esteem’

Let Go and Let God coming soon

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