Trauma Symptoms

  1. Dissociation — internal, external, MPD, hysterical conversions.
  2. No boundaries
  3. Shame based
  4. Gynecological problems (women)
  5. Somaticaizing — illness caused by repression of emotions
  6. Sexually acting out — promiscuity or sexual addiction
  7. Confusion between affection and sexuality
  8. Low Self-esteem
  9. Extreme and frequent periods of depression
  10. Repressed childhood memories
  11. Eating disorders
  12. Extreme competition with same sex and overattachment with opposite sex
  13. Excessive jealously or lack of it
  14. Sleeping disorders
  15. Bedwetting
  16. Self-critical about appearance and youth
  17. Mistrust of self and others
  18. Sexual identity confusion
  19. Alcoholism and/or other chemical dependencies/addictions
  20. Extreme quiet and reserve, shyness
  21. Claustrophobia and all other phobias
  22. Isolation and loneliness even when with others
  23. Psychosis and/or antisocial personality types
  24. Hyperactivity or workaholism
  25. Rage, anger and other frozen feelings (rage may be acted out)
  26. Self-destructive behaviors, e.g., accident-prone, smoking, etc.
  27. Codependency — relationship problems
  28. Pattern of abusive relationships (victim or perpetrator)
  29. Fear of success or failure
  30. Memory of hiding in closet
  31. Mood-swings
  32. Anxiety and/or panic attacks
  33. Atrocity survivor
  34. Flashbacks — memories are intense and realistic
  35. Denial — excusing, rationalizing, minimizing
  36. Self-mutilation and/or suicidal tendencies, attempts or ideation
  37. Victimized including self-victimization
  38. Fears — being touched, people, doors opening and closing, etc.
  39. Fearfulness — terrified, clinging, horrified
  40. Fusion or infusion — inappropriate bonding with others
  41. In and out of therapy for years
  42. Sexual dysfunction
  43. Chronic pain
  44. Unnecessary surgeries
  45. Partner is sex offender and/or children have been sexually abused
  46. Perfectionism
  47. Self-sabotage
  48. Stealing
  49. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other psychiatric diagnoses such as MPD, Borderline, Bipolar, anxiety disorder, etc.
  50. Hallucinations and/or hears voices in the head or body
  51. Body memories — unexplainable aches and pains
  52. Religious addiction

(from Incest survivors Anonymous and Jan Marie, M.S.W.)