What SRT is NOT

… new age

… hypnosis

… mind control

… mind reading

… channeling

… magic

… conventional therapy

… coping techniques

… unhealthy dependence on professionals or medication


… an affirming and relaxing subconscious tool

… directed by a trained facilitator

… your facilitator guiding your conscious mind to communicate with your subconscious mind in the way it understands so it can help you attain your goals

… directing your subconscious mind to locate memories, emotions and beliefs that are causing current symptoms such as anxiety and depression

… using your perception of God/Higher Power as the healer to resolve any negative stored life material that is found in memory. (Religion is not required, only a belief that there could be a God or Higher Power that can help you.)

… like RE-programming your mind computer to the new programming of your choosing!

… thinking about previous troublesome memories and noticing that after SRT, they are as if they never happened, even if you can remember they did.

… helping you change toxic beliefs such as, “I’m not good enough” and calming undesirable emotions.

Results vary and none are guaranteed, but most report speedy, astounding results!

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