About Helen Bair MAPC

Helen Bair will be your guide through this new and exciting healing modality. Hundreds of her clients, just like you, have benefited from her extensive experience in counseling, modalities of self-help, and subconscious therapy. Subconscious Repairing Therapy (SRT) was developed as a result of Helen Bair’s search for the release of negative emotions from traumatic memory, toxic thinking patterns, abuse, and other causes. SRT is based on principles learned from the healing modalities listed below, her intuition and experience. She has helped hundreds meet their treatment goals since its development.

“I love what I do! I get to help clients resolve painful and traumatic memories, emotions, internal restrictions, and so much more. Being an SRT facilitator is one of my greatest joys, right up there with being married to Dr. Bair, being a mom and a grandma 32 times and counting!” ~Helen Peterson Bair M.A.P.C.


In private practice since 1995

Ten years as a licensed substance abuse counselor, 1995 – 2005.

1995 – Primary counselor for Harbor Lights (Salvation Army) alcohol and drug treatment center

1993 – Charter hospital and Desert vista behavioral health tech


Two master’s degrees in counseling at Ottawa University, Phoenix Arizona.

Bachelor’s degree in psychology, Ottawa University, Phoenix Arizona.

AA degree in psychology, Mesa Community College.

Chemical dependency counseling degree, Rio Salado College. 


Clinical Hypnotherapy

NLP and Time Line Therapy ® 


Rapid Eye Technology

Metaphoric Therapy (David J. Grove)

Parts Integration                                     

Ministerial Counseling

(Material in videos and books were drawn from these resources and personal experiences)

I have two degrees in counseling but am not licensed through the state.

Certificate for Ministerial Counseling

Not shown are copies of NLP Certification, Psych-K Certifications, AA Degree in Psychology from Messa Community College, and Chemical Dependency Counseling degree from Rio Salado College

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