Preparing For Your Session

This page contains suggestions that will help you maximize your experience and results.


Because SRT is heavily based on steps 1, 2 & 3 of the 12-step programs for addiction recovery, your perception of God/Higher Power needs to be discussed in advance. If you are atheist you may want to find another modality.


You may have others observe your session, but please discuss this with your facilitator beforehand. Do not bring small children with you into your session.

Because most session are done on web camera, make sure you are in a place where there will be NO distractions or people walking into the room.

Occasionally there are facilitators in training who would like to observe a session for their learning. If you have objections please let us know before your first session begins.


Please discuss any drug use—recreational, prescribed or over-the-counter— before beginning, as some drugs can interfere with results. All information will be kept confidential. Make sure you haven’t had any alcohol five days to a week before your session. No marijuana 30 days before a session. If addicted to street drugs or alcohol, you must refrain from all mind-altering substances for 30 days before a session. Drug information will be kept confidential.


Make sure you are hydrated, have had a good night’s sleep and are feeling well before your session. Results will be better!


Commonly, clients report feeling a light and euphoric feeling immediately after the session, which can last for hours or days. When life returns to normal, most report noticing their state of mind & emotions generally improved. The majority report being able to think about the traumatic memory or presenting symptom, free of the original negativity. 

If the symptom has only been reduced, plan to do more work, until you have your desired results. It’s your responsibility to keep track of whether the symptoms have reduced or disappeared and report that to your facilitator.

SRT is minimally invasive but can be exhausting, so it’s a good idea to plan time for a nap after your session if you can. 

Some clients report partial or sometimes complete symptom relief after the first session. But realistically, it may take longer. Results cannot be guaranteed, but an astounding majority report getting desired outcome.

Please Read: Occasionally after a session a person feel worse instead of better. This may happen because the mind’s defense mechanisms have been removed with SRT but the issue(s) behind them have not yet been resolved. This means that temporarily you may feel worse instead of better. PLEASE call or text your facilitator immediately! Usually a short phone session will resolve the problem and you will not be charged for that time.


You will need to prepare a place in front of your computer or phone where you can be comfortable, and free of interference. If using a phone, it needs to be proped up and NOT held in your hand. It is best if your head can be supported by a chair or pillow. Prepare ahead of time how you can make that happen.


Check out What Interferes with Results, to see if any apply to you.

Sometimes symptoms are caused by factors than what SRT is incapable of resolving. Example: If anxiety is caused by Candita (a fungus that grow in the body) or parasites, SRT alone may not produce desired results. If that is the case, keep looking for solutions. Tenacity is your friend.


Please communicate your intentions when you are ready to stop therapy, rather than going silent or not showing up for a scheduled session. Out of courtesy, just let it be known.

We love to answer questions. For the quickest response please fill in and submit the email form provided below:

Results vary and none are guaranteed, but the vast majority report excellent results.

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